Become our reseller

Primax reseller program allows you to become a verified service provider for your customers without building your own network. Primax will give you special pricing discounted from the usual Primax rates when selling your own price. You will be only provider your customers will be familiar with as a reseller. You will be able to give them any support required directly including first level technical support, account enquiries, sales, and billing.

In case you prefer to use Primax resources for customer support, we can communicate directly with your customers. We provide our resellers with a wide selection of VoIP phone models. These models can be resold to customers or end users. You can also choose your own VoIP devices or use the devices brought by the customers.

How can I become your reseller?

  • Contact us using our email and register to become a reseller
  • Use your registered email address to communicate with our sales center and tell us more about your business and why you want to be a Primax reseller.
  • Your request will be reviewed by our staff. If it is accepted, you are given a 1st level reseller authorization

What you get from being a Primax reseller

Primax enables you to build a healthy and strong foundation for business telecommunication. As a reseller, Primax will give you access to:

  • A reliable network that is already built with preference points across Australia/NZ.
  • Primax service plans and packages which are to be used by customers and are offered to you at discounted prices.
  • A tested hardware to ensure the best performance.

You can be a reseller without having any investments in any system. Primax can provide you with customer support, CRM and the billing systems. All of these will be rebranded by the name of your company or you can resell our services for a generous monthly commission.

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