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Fax to Email which is also referred to as E-fax is a fax system available online that allows you to receive and send faxes using your email. This eliminates the need of having a fax machine. The use of Fax to Email to send faxes can only be possible when sending to external fax numbers; no internal extension faxes can be sent. It allows the user to upload electronic documents to a fax portal which in turn converts and sends them to the required fax number. This fax system does not need a telephone line or a fax machine. The incoming faxes are sent to the selected email address of the user.

Fax to Email can be described as a solution to the faxing dilemma. It also does not waste ink or paper and has all the internet benefits: efficiency, economy, availability, mobility, respect and confidentiality. A phone number has to be directed to the Fax to Email for you to receive a fax. Fax to Email allows the users to work from different locations as it gives businesses flexibility.

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Go Green, Get Efficient - Switch To Fax to Email

Switch to Fax to Email and save tons of paper and ink. Fax to Email - an efficient, economical and safe way of sending and receiving documents.

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