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These terms and conditions are between Primax and the subscriber (“subscriber,” “you,” or “your”).

1 Service

1.1 Service description: the service provided by the company is done on a basis of best effort and is also subject to regulatory treatment. The treatment may affect or limit your redress rights before the agencies responsible for regulation.

1.2 No listing in the directory. The numbers you obtain from Primax cannot be available in the available directories. However, there may be listings of the phone numbers provided by your phone company.

1.3 Termination of service: in the event your service is terminated, we may in our absolute and sole discretion, provide your telephone number to the new service provider which you obtained from the earlier provider to us and used it in connecting with our services.

  1. Availability of service and access to the internet

2.1 When using VOIP or any other services by the Primax, you agree that you must have properly configured and operational access to the internet and therefore agree to provide your own internet service at your sole expense. You also agree to pay any fees for internet services including the necessary equipment to maintain an internet connection as may be required to use Primax services.

2.2 There are some conditions beyond the control of Primax that may result in varying service levels and availability. Service is thus subject to limitations and interruptions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you warrant and represent that you understand services that are VOIP based are subject to internet vagaries.

  1. Acceptance of default and financial responsibility

3.1 You are responsible for the payment of all the charges for services whether the services result from authorized or unauthorized use by you. Services under this agreement are subject to use, sales, taxes, and gross receipts, fees, assessments, or any other related governmental charges. Should Primax be required to pay such fees on your behalf as described, you agree that you are liable for such fees and authorize an immediate charge of your payment method for the full amount due.

  1. Requests for modifications and terms of service

4.1 The terms of this agreement begins on the date Primax or you activate your service. Service plans which are monthly billed will automatically renew monthly with the annual ones automatically renewing every 12 months.  You approve and acknowledge modification requests from any approved persons or persons able to provide information used by you under this agreement.

4.2 You and your approved persons may request the cancellation of this agreement by making such by email or in writing to Primax. The cancellation of your account shall not discharge or impair any of your liabilities or obligations for use of services that are subsequent to the initial cancellation request.

  1. Liability limitation

5.1 Primax will not be responsible for failures or delays to provide services including the 911 dialing at any time or any degradation/interruption of the quality of voice. Our aggregate liability under this agreement will not exceed the service charges at any event.

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